MEDIT-ERROR© map, an error to meditate on Mediterraneum. Is a cartographic error able to induce an emotional reaction? An emotional approach is able to provoke a cartographic error?

  Strabone believed that geography was a science derived from philosophy. In the classical world were not the surveyors (measuring the land), but the philosophers who engaged in the practice of mapping.

  The observer stands in front of a mapping error. An image that derives from an emotional approach of the world, rather than a realistic perception. The project tries to provide an opportunity for the viewer to orientate himself through his own emotional coordinates, overlapping the objective ones, north, south, east, west.

  In particular, the project proposes a distortion of the geography of the Mediterranean sea by changing the position of two peninsulas, Italy and Greece. The error, though terrible, is not immediately noticed because the form of the sea does not change overwhelming.

  The viewer stands before something completely unlikely but apparently possible. The image stands for itself.