Panagiotis Samsarelos a.k.a. ΣΑΜ, born in Larisa (GR) in 1978.

Studied comics, animation and applied arts in Athens, at the Ornerakis School, living the arrogant and aggressive postmodern seduction of the city.
Theatre, music, dance, drawing, cinema, street writing, extreme activities and human relations were some of the everyday interests.

In 2004 moved to Milan to study at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, following the course of Alberto Garutti, focused on research in contemporary art. In 2005 started to participate in group projects and exhibitions with works such as video installation, digital printing compositions and site specific interventions.

Since 2009 is based in Rome as a visual designer, storyboard artist and freelance creative , he is also founder member of ATIsuffix , a group which aims to interact creatively with the citizens through action research and projects, looking for a collective and shared transformation of both the social and the built environment and co-founder of 6roads design and printing studio .